What Lily Ate Wednesday

Oh hey, guys.  
It was bound to happen.  
Just a few short days after going back to work, Lily put her naughty pants back on. 
I thought to myself 'wow, if only I could document her behavior somehow.'  
And then I remembered -- I have a blog!  

Anyway, here I am (again).  
Back to Lily, though.  
She's got some serious separation issues now that we aren't cuddling all day.  
We're talking accidents, miscellaneous bodily fluids, and eating things.  
She's eaten some cardboard, mail, and this favorite:  the bathroom garbage.  

If you own a dog, you know it's a good idea to get a garbage can with a lid to prevent scavenging. 
However, do note that your dog will observe you and eventually figure out how to get to the treasures inside. 

I love her to the moon and back, and her guilty-ears back-I'm so sorry look gets me.    

Please tell me I'm not alone and your fur baby has been bad lately...


  1. your not alone my puppy is punishing me this week for having gone away last weekend ughhhh but i love him. Your Lily is such a beauty

  2. It's nice to know that other people's fur babies have been badly behaved this week! I've been clawed to pieces by a cat who wants constant attention and that cat's also a bit sick so he's been hurling ...everywhere. It's gross.
    Lily is so cute, by the way! =D

  3. I always love these posts - even though I know it's no fun for you! The tampon has got to be my fav!

  4. It's nice to have you back blogging, Jess - I hope everything is going great with your new job! :)

    Chip is the same way when it comes to the bathroom trash - actually that pic above is pretty much exactly what I come home to every day - lid or no lid, it happens! haha

  5. Poor Lily ... too bad she feels like that... she got used to having you at home :)

  6. Lily....i just love to hear about her adventures...being eating or hanging out ...thanks for sharing...

  7. This could have been our lab doing this!! Turkeys!

  8. so cute



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