First Days

Labor Day signals the final days of summer, which means it's back-to-school time for students.
Whether it's the first day of school, or a new job, first days are almost always the same -- 

Will my teacher/boss like me?
What the heck should I wear?!
Does this outfit look prudish or slutty? 
Am I going to make friends?  
How will I get past the awkward small talk? 
Did they find my blog?  [Answer: yes]
...don't look like a moron.  

All of those and more happened on my first day.
But like all the first days before it, everything was okay.  

Just remember these things:
You don't have anything in your teeth. 
You look beautiful. 
Wear comfortable shoes. 

And if this happens to you each morning, your heart will break...
...but you have to pay for her food somehow.

Oh, and have an amazing Labor Day weekend with your families!


  1. I always wonder how that works when a co-worker tells another co-worker that they've discovered their blog by way of a search engine, and not from the blogger herself. In the end I just think they look like a dumbass who google stalks people. Any good google stalker knows you never reveal what you know. Duh!

  2. I am glad you had a first good day... and yes first days can be interesting... I am hoping that Valentina has good first day for grad 5.

    You doggie looks so sad... she has got used to having you at home... she will get used to you working again and greeting you at night.

    As for your blog, it is great Jess, just more readers for you :)

  3. I was slightly mortified when my boss told me she found my blog. Because it's just me and her... But she likes it, so that's good. But I don't think she google stalked me either. :)

    I hope you are enjoying the new job!

  4. Oh first days are always so fun aren't they?! At my job, I had the strangest first day I've ever had, which included fire extinguisher training. That was different! And Lily! Such a sad girl, but she'll get used to it again soon! Glad everything went well & I hope you're enjoying it!

  5. Lo, dying. I concur. Violation of privacy and super creepy. I'd be embarrassed to do that, and I'd think they should be too.


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