Tostones {Fried Plantains}

Fried plantains are one of my favorite Cuban dishes that my Ya Ya makes.  They are salty, crunchy, and go with just about everything. 

What's a plantain, you might ask?  Well, the simple answer is that there's no real [botanical] difference between a banana and a plantain... it's all in how you consume it.  Tostones -- or fried plantains -- are different from a sweeter plantain that you might have tried.  The reason is that they are less ripe -- therefore much more starchy than a sweet, ripe plantain.  Tostones are also fried twice [I know, I know... but they are so good, you have to try them]

What You'll Need {makes 20}:
2 plantains {not ripe} 
[with plantains, the darker the green the riper it is.  You want these babies light green and starchy]
Vegetable Oil
Tostonera {plantain smasher}

Okay, here's a brief detour about the tostonera [or plantain smasher].  You can find these at any Hispanic market or online.  I made mine by hinging two coasters together.  It works just as well, if not better than an authentic tostonera.  If you just want to make these and don't want to get super handy, just use the bottom of a bottle to 'squish' them.   

How To Make Them:

Heat vegetable oil in deep skillet.

Start with 2 [not-so-ripe] plantains.  Peel them in a bowl of cold water.  They can turn your hands funny colors if you don't peel them under water. 

Cut into 1"-2" pieces.  About 20. 

Fry them in small batches until golden brown and just tender enough so a fork can pierce through.

Place tostones, one at a time, inside of the tostonera {smasher} and flatten to about 1/4" thick

After you have flattened them {as pictured above}, fry them in the oil again until they are extra crispy. 

Top with salt and enjoy!  It makes a perfect side dish or appetizer! 


Also, you guys, I am so honored that my Not-Cho Mama's Casserole was featured on The NY Melrose Family Whimsy Wednesday!  Please stop by and check out all of the other fantastic crafts, DIYs, and recipes -- and link up your own. 

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Jess is More - this is so adorable!! GO PLANTAINS! We love them here at TOSTOBUENO®! Basically the ones in the Hispanic markets, the ones you mention in your write-up -- the single application tostonera break. The hinges give. Anyways, about 7 years ago we did what you did -- we started playing around with designing a better plantain smasher. And we did. Check us out: cause the one thing we -- who try to make a better tostonera -- have in common: our love of plantains. Check out our Sweet Cherry Pie Toston!

  2. My husband lovvvvvves plantains. He would be super impressed if I made these for him.

  3. Never heard of these. They look really good though!


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